Mesagraph joins Twitter!

Today marks a new step for Social TV in Europe and for Mesagraph! We are really excited to announce that we’re joining Twitter!

Over the past couple of years, Social TV in Europe has grown up very quickly.
Mesagraph has been at the forefront of innovation and we had an amazing time developing a strong platform to provide advanced analytics that reflects how people engage with TV shows and brands to the TV ecosystem.

But Mesagraph is more than a team of amazing engineers! We’ve had the privilege of working closely with talented and innovative teams in the world of media. Working with TV networks such as Canal+, France Télévisions, M6, TF1, as well as measurement companies like Médiamétrie and marketers like Microsoft and Mediabrands has been very fruitful. We’ve learned a lot from our partners and really enjoyed being part of their most innovative projects.

We’re also really excited about what’s ahead of us. Not only Twitter is the platform where the vast majority of public Social TV comments happens, it’s also an immense source of opportunities for advertisers to reach their audience creatively and efficiently.

As part of Twitter, we will be working closely with TV networks, agencies, advertisers, producers and integrators to help those partners make the most out of Twitter. Our team will be joining Twitter UK in London.

Lastly, we’d like to warmly thank those who’ve helped us including “Le Camping” startup accelerator, our investors, advisors, partners, friends, Acta Finance and our families who have been strongly supportive.
Sébastien (@S_Lefebvre), Cédric (@cdelfosse) and Guy (@dhyug)

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